Latest written answers to MPs

08 September 2009

Nearly 250 responses to MPs' questions from 16 government departments and other bodies, were published as Written Answers at the beginning of September

including the Post Office Card Account.

including guidance from the Charity Commission on whether registered charities may register as third parties with the Electoral Commission, and engage in political campaigning during a general election; and details of the funding and plans for protecting UK IT networks from cyber attack.

including information on government support provided for children who have experienced abuse on the internet; and the number of children eligible to sit GCSE English, maths and science, who were not entered for any of these exams in 2007.

including the Commissioners' financial position on their agricultural and rural land holdings.

including latest information on council house construction; the Migration Impacts Fund which is designed to reduce local pressure on public services; and government funding for the National Affordable Housing Programme.

including detailed tables showing government funding to Sport England and UK Sport from 2004-09; expenses claimed by Gambling Commission staff in 2008-09; and measuring the carbon footprint of the London 2012 Olympics.

including the number of rounds of ammunition fired in Afghanistan by British forces; the number of complaints received in 2008 about armed forces housing; the progress of the MoD task force set up to tackle rough sleeping among forces veterans; and details of the number of helicopters in the MoD fleet.

including the number of people have accessed social tariff schemes provided by each water company over the past five years.

including how the new requirements on travellers' access to public services - which will arise as a result of the Equality Bill - are likely to affect public authorities.

including five year survival rates for brain cancer; and the number of patients in one primary care trust (PCT) who are referred to consultant specialists in different PCTs.

including the number of ASBOs issued and breached in 2007-08; details of the numerous government-funded crime prevention projects; and the time taken on disclosure checks by the Criminals Records Bureau.

including the number of people cautioned, tried and convicted of fraud and forgery offences since 1997; HM Prison Service procurement of Halal meat; and the number of young offender convictions and their re-offending rate.

including how much was spent on policing and security for the 12 July parades in the province over the past five years.

including information on how complaints about civil service bullying by Ministers is handled.

including information on the Department's work experience programme.

including details about government mortgage support schemes for Welsh homeowners.

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