Latest MPs’ written answers published

21 September 2009

Nearly 170 responses to MPs' questions from 19 government departments and other bodies were published as Written Answers on 15 September

Business, Innovation and Skills


  • prompt payment of bills and the prompt payment code
  • implementing the provisions of the EU Agency Workers directive in the UK
  • applications made to the Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme
  • trade visits to, and discussions and contacts with, the Libyan government

All Business Innovation and Skills answers

Cabinet Office


  • announcement of a review of the implementation of the provisions of the Charities Act 2006 in 2011
  • numbers of people over 65 years who have died of hypothermia in their homes in each of the last 10 years

All Cabinet Office answers

Communities and Local Government


  • number of home energy performance certificates in each region which have been issued to date
  • number of households participating in the Homeowners Mortgage Support Scheme and the Mortgage Rescue Scheme
  • ports in England and Wales and new business rating assessments

All Communities and Local Government answers

Culture, Media and Sport


  • the information that online gambling operators need to put on their websites
  • establishment and launch this autumn of the Dance Champions Group

All Culture, Media and Sport answers



  • percentage shortfall of each type of armoured vehicle used for pre-deployment training
  • fires on nuclear submarines

All Defence answers

Energy and Climate Change


  • number and percentage of pensioners living in fuel poverty
  • criteria used under the Warm Front scheme to determine whether households are in fuel poverty

All Energy and Climate Change answers

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


  • costs and budgets of the executive and tribunal non-departmental public bodies, public corporations and other committees and bodies sponsored by the Department between 2008-11
  • consultation exploring the possibility of improving the clarity of labelling of goods originating in Israeli settlements on the West Bank

All Environment, Food and Rural Affairs answers

Foreign and Commonwealth Office


  • elections in Afghanistan
  • guidance on allegations of mistreatment, or torture, of British nationals abroad
  • official visits to Libya, and discussions with the regime, by ministers and FCO officials
  • the long-term outlook for Sudan

All Foreign and Commonwealth Office answers

Government Equality Office

  • what payments if any have been made to Polly Toynbee by the Government Equalities Office and the Equality and Human Rights Commission

All Government Equality Office answers



  • proportion of cancer patients in England who have obtained the exemption from prescription charges since April 2009
  • storage of embryos; storage of human-animal hybrid embryos
  • average length of stay in a hospital in England since 1997; total in-patient admissions in England with a waiting time of 183 days or longer, 1997-98 to 2007-08

All Health answers

Home Office


  • effectiveness of the Tackling Knives Action Programme, and the involvement of police officers in school education programmes to reduce knife possession offences
  • number of people who have died in police custody each year since 1990, and the subsequent verdicts of the coroner's court
  • number of UK Border Agency and Royal Navy vessels on patrol in UK territorial waters, on average at any one time, to intercept illegal immigration and drug smuggling

All Home Office answers

International Development


  • amount of aid given to Afghanistan since 2001
  • amount and percentage of the departmental budget spent on overseas education projects in each year since 1997

All International Development answers



  • guidance on whether the office and staffing costs of MPs are included in the new pre-candidacy election spending limit
  • funding received from the Victims Fund by organisations in England and Wales supporting victims of sexual violence, childhood sexual abuse, homicide and hate crime
  • standard rate of weekly prisoner pay
  • number and proportion of offenders under probation supervision in employment and living in settled and suitable accommodation at the end of their order or licence

All Justice answers

Prime Minister


  • criteria used to select experts appointed to the Iraq inquiry
  • discussions with the Israeli Prime Minister on possible sanctions against Iran

All Prime Minister answers


  • further prosecutions arising from the Information Commissioner's Operation Motorman

All Solicitor-General answers



  • number of vehicles registered with a statutory off-road notification classification
  • effectiveness of speed cameras in England and Wales on motorways and A and B roads in the last 12 months

All Transport answers

HM Treasury


  • which banks have made use of the guarantee scheme for asset backed securities and the monetary value of such agreements
  • estimate of the numbers of holiday lets in England which will be affected by the decision to reclassify income from holiday lets as unearned income
  • value and number of the stakes held by the Government in UK financial institutions

All Treasury answers


  • discussions between the Secretary of State for Wales and Welsh Assembly Government Ministers on the M4 relief road

All Wales answers

Work and Pensions


  • number of 16 and 17 year olds in receipt of job seeker's allowance in each of the last 10 years

All Work and Pensions answers

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