MPs debate US-UK extradition treaty

16 July 2009

Chris Grayling, Conservative Shadow Home Secretary, opened an Opposition day debate on the 2003 US-UK extradition treaty

At the start of the debate it was announced that the Speaker had decided to exercise his discretion and waive the Commons' sub judice rule, to enable passing reference to be made to the case of Mr Gary McKinnon in relation to the principle of the motion. However he said that MPs should not discuss the details of the case.

The Opposition motion, which called for the Government to review the Extradition Act 2003 with a view to reforming it at the earliest opportunity, was lost by 236 votes to 290.

Opposition day debates are allocated in the Commons during each parliamentary session to discuss subjects chosen by the opposition parties. Twenty days per session are set aside for these and the opposition parties usually raise questions of policy and administration. They are listed online in the Parliamentary Calendar.

Image: iStockphoto

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