Ministers before business and human rights inquiry

14 July 2009

The Joint Committee on Human Rights takes evidence from Government Ministers, including Lord Malloch-Brown, Minister for Africa, Asia and the UN (pictured), at 1.45pm as part of its inquiry into business and human rights.

Appearing before the Committee will be:

  • Michael Wills MP, Minister of State, Ministry of Justice,
  • Ian Lucas MP, Minister for Business and Regulatory Reform, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • Lord Malloch-Brown, Minister for Africa, Asia and the UN, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The Joint Committee is investigating the way in which businesses can affect rights both positively and negatively; how business activities engage the relative responsibilities of the UK Government and individual businesses; and whether the existing UK regulatory, legal and voluntary framework provides adequate guidance and clarity to business as well as adequate protection for individual rights.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights, consists of twelve members appointed from both the Commons and the Lords. It is charged with considering human rights issues in the UK and undertakes thematic inquiries on human rights issues and reports its findings and recommendations to the House. It scrutinises all Government Bills and picks out those with significant human rights implications for further examination.

Image: Dods

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