Lords debate progress of the Common Fisheries Policy

30 June 2009

On Monday 29 June, the House of Lords debated the report on the Progress of the Common Fisheries Policy published by the Lords EU Committee in July 2008. Lord Sewel who chairs the House of Lords EU Sub-Committee on Environment and Agriculture opened the debate and Lord Davies of Oldham responded for the Government

The Committee’s report called for a 'radical reorientation' of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) to reduce centralisation and ensure that the fishing industry’s regional stakeholders were given a greater role in achieving the objectives of the policy.

The Committee concluded that the CFP deserved its 'dismal' reputation and argued that the 2002 reforms had failed. They also pointed out that other EU countries had a significantly worse record than the UK in bringing the size of their fishing fleets into line with diminished fishing opportunities.

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