Lords Committee nanotechnology and food inquiry continues

30 June 2009

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee inquiry into the use of nanotechnologies in the food sector continues at 10.40am.

Giving evidence to the Committee wil be:

  • Professor Richard Jones, University of Sheffield;
  • Steffi Friedrichs, Nanotechnologies Industries Association
  • John Hoskins, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Alain Cusimano, Annette Schaefer, Olga Solomon and Jean-François Roche, European Commission

The Committee is looking into the use of nanotechnologies in food at a time when their use in the production and manufacture of food and food packaging is in its infancy, with only a small number of products on the market globally. Many possible food applications are at a research stage and millions of dollars are being spent by both governments and industry to apply nanotechnologies in areas such as food processing, food safety and packaging.

The inquiry will focus on the use of nanotechnologies in food products, additives and supplements, as well as food contact packaging, food manufacturing processes, animal feed, pesticides and fertilisers and products that may come into contact with food, such as food containers and cooking utensils.

Image: iStockphoto

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