Economic prospects for the UK: Lords debate

05 May 2009

Members of the House of Lords will take part in a debate about the UK’s economic prospects this Thursday 7 May

Lord Forsyth of Drumlean (Conservative) will open the debate, which will draw on the experience and expertise of academics, former members of the Treasury, former bank directors and business experts.

Lord Myners will speak on behalf of the Government.

Members scheduled to take part include:

  • Lord Lawson of Blaby (Conservative); former Chancellor of the Exchequer and former Director of Barclays
  • Lord Haskel (Labour); former Government spokesperson for the Treasury
  • Lord Wakeham (Conservative); former Minister of State for the Treasury
  • Lord Bilimoria (Crossbench); Deputy President of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, founder of Cobra Beer and involved in many organisations concerned with entrepreneurship
  • Lord Eatwell (Labour); former spokesperson for Economic Affairs and economics professor and former chief economic adviser to the Labour party
  • Lord Higgins (Conservative); former Minister of State for the Treasury and former Financial Secretary to the Treasury
  • Lord Smith of Clifton (Liberal Democrat); author of The Politics of the Corporate Economy
  • Lord Lang of Monkton (Conservative); former Secretary of State for Trade and Industry
  • Lord MacGregor of Pulham Market (Conservative); former Chief Secretary to the Treasury
  • Baroness Valentine (Crossbench); CEO of London First
  • Lord Blyth of Rowington (Conservative); former CEO of Boots, former Director of NatWest and former Chairman of Diageo
  • Lord Ryder of Wensum (Conservative); former economic Secretary to the Treasury and former Paymaster General
  • Lord Selsdon (Conservative); former member of the East European Trade Council
  • Lord Skidelsky (Crossbench); former Opposition (Conservative) spokesperson for the Treasury and professor of political economy
  • Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay (Liberal Democrat); Liberal Democrat spokesperson for the Treasury
  • Baroness Noakes (Conservative); Opposition spokesperson for the Treasury
  • Lord Myners (Labour); Financial Services Secretary to the Treasury

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