Committees look at policing of G20 protests

12 May 2009

The House of Commons Home Affairs Committee and the Joint Committee on Human Rights both hold evidence sessions looking into the policing of the G20 protests that took place in April

The Home Affairs Committee hears evidence as part of its 'Policing of the G20 protests' inquiry. Witnesses include:

10.30am - David Howarth MP, who was an independent monitor at the protests; Chris Abbott, G20 Protester and Frances Wright, member of the Climate Camp legal team

11am - Nicola Fisher, G20 protestor

11.30am - Deputy Chief Constable Sue Sim, Association of Chief Police Officers

12pm - Sir Hugh Orde and Assistant Chief Constable Duncan McCausland of the Police Service of Northern Ireland give the Northern Irish experience on policing protests.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights hears evidence for its 'Policing and protest' inquiry. Witnesses include:

1.45pm - Tom Brake MP, who was an independent observer at the protests; Frances Wright; Paul Lewis, The Guardian

2.20pm - Nick Hardwick, Chair, Independent Police Complaints Commission

2.50pm - Deputy Chief Constable Sue Sim and Acting Assistant Commissioner Chris Allison MBE, Metropolitan Police Service

Image: PA Photos

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