People and Parliament inquiry hears from voluntary sector and young people

29 April 2009

The House of Lords Information Committee, which is running an inquiry into how the House of Lords can relate better to the public, takes evidence from 4.15 pm

Giving evidence to the Committee from 4.15pm will be Alison Williams and Trish McMeekin from Rethink, Lee Shelsher from Essex County Libraries and Chloe Stables From NCVO (the National Council for Voluntary Organisations).
From approximately 5pm, the Committee will hear from 15 sixth-from students from schools in London and the North East.
The 'People and Parliament' inquiry is investigating how the House of Lords could improve public understanding of its work and role, and how people would like to interact with the Lords and Parliament.

The Committee is also running an online forum to listen to the views of the public as part of its inquiry and has invited the public to submit their thoughts as video responses on UK Parliament's YouTube channel.

The Committee is hoping to hear new ideas for improving the way the House of Lords communicates with the public.

In the first public evidence session on 18 March 2009 the Committee heard evidence from the Hansard Society, the UK Youth Parliament and Brent Youth Parliament. The Committee also heard evidence from David Bowen, Senior Consultant for Bowen Craggs; Ivo Gormley; Ben Hammersley, Deputy Editor of Wired UK magazine; Tim Hood, CEO of Yoosk and Tom Loosemore, Head of 4IP, Channel 4 on 1 April.

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