Equality Bill published in trial format

27 April 2009

The House of Commons today publishes the Equality Bill in a trial format.

The House of Commons agreed on 30 March 2009 to a Report from the Procedure Committee recommending that there should be an experiment with the format of interleaving bills and Explanatory Notes in the case of a single bill in the current Session.

The text of the Bill is interleaved with that of the Explanatory Notes so that the two texts appear in parallel on facing pages, side-by-side.

The Bill and Explanatory Notes are available as a:

  • PDF with both texts side-by-side,
  • an HTML page with the texts side-by-side, and
  • an interwoven web page (HTML)

All versions are available on the Equality Bill page

The Procedure Committee of the House of Commons is interested in feedback on this experiment, specifically:

  • Do you find the interleaved document more helpful than the two separate documents?
  • Which version of the interleaved document do you prefer? The PDF side-by-side, the HTML side-by-side, or the interwoven web page (HTML)?

You can let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment on our production blog.

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