Offshore financial centres: tax evasion

24 March 2009

Lord Wallace of Saltaire (Liberal Democrat) will call attention to the role of offshore financial centres under the British crown in enabling British citizens and residents, and British-based companies, to avoid or evade taxation in a debate this Thursday, 26 March, in the House of Lords

Pressure is mounting in the run up to the G20 summit next month for the world’s leaders to revise rules on offshore financial centres in the wake of the financial crisis. Transparency, scrutiny and accountability are all being called for as a means of addressing the issue of both corporate and individual tax evasion.

Other Members scheduled to take part include:

  • Lord Myners (Labour); Financial Services Secretary and Government spokesperson, HM Treasury
  • Baroness Hooper (Conservative); former MEP
  • Lord Newby (Liberal Democrat); Liberal Democrat spokesperson, HM Treasury
  • Baroness Noakes (Conservative); Opposition spokesperson, HM Treasury and former director of the Bank of England
  • Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay (Liberal Democrat); Liberal Democrat spokesperson, HM Treasury

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