Rail fares and franchises evidence session

04 February 2009

The Transport Committee holds the first of two public evidence sessions on rail fares and franchises, from 2.45pm. Today the Committee hears from rail operating companies, passenger groups, and unions.

The Committee will look at the recent increases in rail fares, implemented in January 2009, whereby regulated fares increased by an average of 6 per cent and unregulated fares by an average of 7 per cent. In its White Paper of July 2007, the Government indicated that, in future, passengers will bear a greater share of the cost of running the railway, reducing the burden on taxpayers.

The Committee will also examine the implications of the recession on rail franchises. Some rail companies have suggested reductions in staff numbers or the number of train carriages, and amendments to franchise agreements, in order to reduce costs.

On Wednesday 25 February the Committee will question Minister of State for Transport Lord Adonis.

Image: iStockphoto

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