Ministers speak to Science Committee

21 January 2009

The House of Lords Science and Technology Sub-Committee on Genomic Medicine hears evidence today from Dawn Primarolo MP, Minister of State for Public Health, and Lord Drayson, Science Minster at the Department for Innovations, Universities and Skills. The evidence session will take place at 10.40am in Committee Room G of the House of Lords

The Lords Sub-Committee, which is Chaired by former NHS consultant Lord Patel, has been investigating Genomic Medicine since March 2008.

The Committee will ask the Ministers for their views on what impact advances in genetic testing will have on the NHS over the next decade, how the Government will ensure there is fairness in access to genetic tests and what steps are being taken to ensure health care professionals are suitably educated about the potential benefits of genetic testing.

Also giving evidence with Ms Primarolo and Lord Drayson will be Professor Dame Sally Davies, Director General, Research and Development and Chief Scientific Advisor at the Department of Health and Dr Mark Bale, Deputy Director of Scientific Development and Bioethics, also from the Department of Health.

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