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House of Lords Brexit round-up: Home affairs

This page summarises highlights of the House of Lords scrutiny of the work of the EU, the implications of leaving and the exit process.

On 29 March 2017 the prime minister notified the European Council of the UK's intention to withdraw from the European Union.


This page contains a round-up of some of the key reports, analysis and debates on Brexit from the Lords between 2016 and 2019 on the topic of home affairs.

Reports and analysis


During debates, members are able to put their real-world experience to good use, discussing current issues and drawing the government's attention to concerns.

Lords Library briefings

The House of Lords Library is producing a range of guides on Brexit, including the following home affairs related briefings:

Further information

Exiting the EU

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Social media

See what members of the Lords are saying on social media about Brexit

Members of the House of Lords

Membership includes people with experience of working as diplomats and MEPs, and legal and academic experts who have focused on EU matters