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What is citizenship education hoping to achieve and is it working? Academics and experts to give evidence to Citizenship and Civic Engagement Committee.

The House of Lords Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement will take evidence from witnesses from UCL, Sheffield University, the Association for Citizenship Teaching, and the Citizenship Foundation, as part of its inquiry.

The evidence session will start at 11:30am on Wednesday 18 October in Committee Room 3A of the House of Lords. Giving evidence to the Committee will be:

  • Dr Avril Keating, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Social Science, UCL Institute of Education
  • Ms Liz Moorse, Chief Executive, Association for Citizenship Teaching
  • Mr Tom Franklin, Chief Executive, Citizenship Foundation
  • Mr James Weinberg, Sheffield University

Questions the witnesses will be asked include:

  • How would you describe the current state of citizenship education?
  • Who is receiving that education and how good is it? Who is being left out?
  • How do pupils view citizenship education?
  • What is citizenship education trying to achieve?
  • How has the commitment of governments changed since citizenship education was first introduced?
  • Is citizenship education an issue that we should think about only in relation to school children?
  • Where might the committee look around the UK and the rest of the world to identify relatively low-cost but high impact citizenship education?

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