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Parliament's Sport and Social Club Bar to be managed in-house

The Sports and Social Club Bar is in future to be managed in-house, rather than contracted out, it was announced today. This follows an internal inquiry, which began several months ago, commissioned by the Lord Speaker and carried out by the Senior Deputy Speaker, Lord McFall of Alcluith. The Bar will be managed by the Lords Catering and Retail Service when the current contract ends.

Commenting, the Senior Deputy Speaker, Lord McFall of Alcluith, said: “The current situation regarding the Sports and Social Club Bar is an obvious anomaly. It is the only refreshment outlet in Parliament that is run by a third party and not the catering department of either House. The decision to bring the management ‘in-house' only affects the operation of the Bar, not the Club which is a separate entity.”

The Lord Speaker has asked Lord McFall of Alcluith to continue to review the opening hours of the Sports and Social Club Bar, particularly with regard to times when neither House is sitting and, in addition, to look at the current rules on passholders bringing guests into the bar.

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