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Brexit And Reciprocal Healthcare: Lords to hear evidence on the impact for Ireland and Northern Ireland

The House of Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee will continue to take evidence for its inquiry Brexit: reciprocal healthcare on Wednesday 15 November.

Over two evidence sessions, the Committee will explore what international agreements the UK could fall back on if no agreement is made on healthcare and the implications for Northern Ireland's cross-border healthcare arrangements.

Questions the Committee are likely to ask include:

  • Should reciprocal healthcare arrangements not continue in their current form post-Brexit, which aspects of the arrangements between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland would be most important to keep?
  • What role should the Northern Ireland Executive, the Irish Government, and the UK Government playing in the negotiations on reciprocal healthcare?
  • What are the prospects for the UK negotiating reciprocal healthcare arrangements with the EU without being in the single market and without having free movement of people?
  • What opportunities are there for either for the UK, the EU or any individual EU Member States in terms of potential changes to reciprocal healthcare arrangements with the UK post-Brexit?
  • Which groups (e.g. people with disabilities, long-term conditions, children, etc.) and/or categories (e.g. residents, students, non-residents, etc.) will be most affected by any changes to existing reciprocal healthcare arrangements between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland?

At 10:30am the Committee will hear from:

  • Professor Martin McKee CBE MD DSc, Professor of European Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

At 11:15am the Committee will hear from:

  • Damien McCallion, Director General, Co-operation and Working Together (CAWT)
  • Bernie McCrory MBE, Chief Officer, Co-operation and Working Together (CAWT)
  • Dr Anthony Soares, Deputy Director, Centre for Cross Border Studies

The evidence session will begin at 10:30 am on Wednesday 15 November and take place in Committee room 3 of the House of Lords.

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