House of Lords Media Notices - November 2017

Oxfam and the Centre for European Reform to discuss migration with Lords committee

28 Nov 2017
House of Lords EU External Affairs Sub-Committee hears evidence

Department of Health Minister to be questioned by Lords on reciprocal healthcare after Brexit

28 Nov 2017
Lords Committee hears about reciprocal healthcare after Brexit

Financial Conduct Authority and Barclays to be questioned by Lords EU committee

28 Nov 2017
Lords EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee to take evidence

What are the dangers of artificial intelligence?

27 Nov 2017
Implications of artificial intelligence (AI) for cyber security and for military and defence purposes to be explored in two Lords Artificial Intelligence Committee evidence sessions

How has the internet changed advertising? Lords Communications Committee to hear evidence

27 Nov 2017
Peers investigate rapid growth in use of digital platforms

Brexit and aviation: Lords to take evidence on future UK-EU relationship on air services

27 Nov 2017
Lords question aviation industry representatives

Style over substance: Lords economics committee to find out how students decide what and where to study

24 Nov 2017
Peers continue investigation into economics of higher education

How can the UK remain attractive to the pharmaceutical industry? Lords to ask Amercian pharmaceutical group and academic experts

24 Nov 2017
Science and Technology Committee continues inquiry with evidence session on 28 November

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