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How can the Government better support UK theatre? Lords to hear evidence

The House of Lords Communications Committee will continue its short inquiry into the skills needed to sustain the UK theatre industry on Tuesday 21 March. The Committee will question witnesses from the National Theatre and the National Theatre of Wales.

The evidence session is an opportunity for the Committee to examine issues with a leading London theatre regarding outreach work to develop skills at a local level, and a major regional theatre. The Committee will also explore how education and policy could influence how the status of careers in the theatre industry are perceived.

At 3.30 the Committee will hear from:

  • Ms Alice King-Farlow, Director of Learning, National Theatre

At 4.30pm the Committee will hear from:

  • Ms Michelle Carwardine-Palmer, Managing Director, National Theatre Wales

Questions which they may face include:

  • Is there evidence of a gap between training offered at school, higher and further education and the skills required for the theatre industry?
  • What impact have rising costs of living had on students and those employed in the industry? How might these conditions be addressed effectively by government?
  • Is there a need for greater diversity in the theatre industry? If so, how can individuals of different backgrounds and locations be encouraged and supported to enter it and persist in it?
  • What is the most important action you think government could take to enhance the theatre sector?

The Committee will start its evidence session at 3.30pm on Tuesday 21 March in the House of Lords Committee Room 2.

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