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How will Brexit affect the British Overseas Territories?

The House of Lords EU Committee will next week take evidence from representatives of eight of the British Overseas Territories as its scrutiny of the impact of Brexit continues.

Giving evidence to the Committee will be:

  • Victor Banks, Chief Minister, Government of Anguilla
  • Dr Derrick Binns, Secretary of the Cabinet, Government of Bermuda
  • Dr. Hon. D Orlando Smith OBE, British Virgin Islands Government
  • MLA Roger Edwards, Falkland Islands Government
  • Donaldson Romeo, Hon. Premier of Montserrat, Government of Montserrat
  • Ms Kedell Worboys, UK Representative, St Helena Island
  • Chris Carnegy, UK Representative, Government of Tristan da Cunha
  • The Premier Hon. Sharlee Cartwright-Robinson, Turks & Caicos Government

Areas the session will cover include the potential impact if Brexit restricts the ability of residents of Overseas Territories to travel in the EU, the impact of the loss of EU funding, the extent to which Overseas Territories rely on trade with the EU, any possible benefits for the Overseas Territories from Brexit and whether the UK Government is doing enough to engage the Overseas Territories in the Brexit process.

The evidence session will start at 4.10pm on Monday 10 July in Committee Room 4A of the House of Lords.

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