Minister to give evidence on impact of Brexit on UK law

27 January 2017

Sir Oliver Heald MP, the Minister of State for Courts and Justice, will be questioned at the final evidence session of the EU Justice Sub Committee’s short inquiry into the consequences of Brexit for civil justice cooperation on Tuesday 31 January.

Over the course of the inquiry the Committee has explored topics including how the UK will maintain civil justice cooperation post Brexit without the oversight of the Court of Justice of the EU; the importance to the operation of the UK-EU legal system of the Brussels regime of Regulations; and what aspects of the regime the witnesses would be most concerned to lose once we leave the EU.

The Committee will have the opportunity to explore Government’s views on these issues with the Minister, as well as other aspects including:

  • Will the common law rules be an adequate replacement for the Brussels regime?
  • Does the Government wish to see the rules contained in the three Regulations incorporated via the Great Repeal Bill? And,
  • In light of the Prime Minister’s clear rejection of a post-Brexit role for the Court of Justice of the EU what alternatives the Government would like to see for post-Brexit UK cooperation with the remaining EU Member States in the areas covered by these Regulations?

The evidence session will take place at 10.45am on Tuesday 31 January in Committee Room 3 of the House of Lords.

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