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How can the Criminal Justice System be equipped with robust, accurate and transparent forensic science? Lords Science and Technology Committee to hear evidence

On Tuesday 23nd October the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee will ask experts what would make the greatest impact in improving the quality of forensic science and its ability to contribute to the delivery of justice in the UK.

The Committee will also ask the witnesses for examples of countries that are enabling the use of forensic science in the justice system well and what changes might be needed to forensic services market in England and Wales to ensure provision is maintained at the level required.

The evidence session will begin at 3:30pm in Committee Room 4 of the House of Lords. Giving evidence will be:

  • Dr Itiel Dror, Senior Cognitive Neuroscience Researcher, University College London
  • Dr Christopher Lawless, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Durham University

Other questions the Committee are likely to ask include:

  • What is the level of understanding of forensic science within the Criminal Justice System amongst lawyers, judges and juries?
  • What channels of communication are needed between scientists, lawyers and the judiciary?
  • What is the scientific evidence base for the use of forensic techniques in the investigation and prosecution of crimes?
  • How should further research funding for forensic science be justified?

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