Brexit and transport: What does the future look like for road transport post-Brexit?

30 October 2018

What opportunities and potential challenges does Brexit pose for road transport? Are passengers adequately represented in Government negotiations? Which old bilateral agreements might be brought back into force in the event of a no deal Brexit?

The House of Lords EU Internal Market Sub-Committee will hear from experts in road transport - both haulage and passenger - at an evidence session on Thursday 1 November, to investigate how leaving the EU will impact UK-EU road transport.

Giving evidence on road transport and haulage at 10.10am on Thursday 1 November will be:

  • Duncan Buchanan, Policy Director, Road Haulage Association
  • Clive Mills, LLP Designated Member, Euro2Go
  • James Hookham, Deputy Chief Executive, Freight Transport Association
  • Mike Hawes, Chief Executive Officer, Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT)

Questions are likely to include:

  • Beyond the immediate matters associated with customs arrangements, what is your assessment of the Government’s preparations for the impact of Brexit on the road transport sector?
  • The Department for Transport has stated that: “Some old bilateral agreements between the UK and specific EU countries may come back into force if there is no deal.” Which bilateral agreements with EU countries could be brought into force?
  • Are there any specific cases where it may be beneficial for the UK to diverge from EU rules on road transport?

Giving evidence on road transport for passengers at 11.10am will be:

  • Chris Conway, Group Chief Executive Officer, Translink
  • Steven Salmon, Director of Policy Development, Confederation of Passenger Transport

Questions are likely to include?

  • How well represented is passenger transport in Government engagement on Brexit compared to other parts of the road transport sector?
  • How are UK bus and coach services that operate in the EU preparing for the possibility of no deal?
  • What provisions on passenger transport should the Government prioritise as part of any future arrangement with the EU?
  • Where may it be beneficial for the UK to diverge from EU rules on passenger transport?

The session will take place in Committee Room 4A of the House of Lords.  

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