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Lords Economic Affairs Committee responds to Government's expansion of two-year degrees

Responding to the Universities Minister Sam Gyimah's announcement that two-year university degrees will be expanded, Lord Forsyth of Drumlean, Chairman of the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, said:

“I welcome the Government's announcement on the expansion of two-year degrees. The current post-school education system is skewed towards the full-time three-year undergraduate degree. Our Treating Students Fairly report called for more flexible ways of learning. We said that more innovative modes of study, such as online learning or shorter courses, could help increase participation in higher education, particularly amongst mature students.

“But this alone will not be enough. Flexible learning must be backed by the introduction of a credit-based system whereby people can learn in a more modular way and at their own pace.”

In June 2018 the House Lords Economic Affairs Committee published its report, Treating Students Fairly: The Economics of Post-School Education. Click here to view the report.

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