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Dr Richard Haass to give insight on Trump's US foreign policy to Lords International Relations Committee

Dr Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations and former Director of Policy Planning for the United States Department of State, will give evidence to the House of Lords International Relations Committee on Wednesday 28 February as part of its inquiry 'UK Foreign Policy in Changed World Conditions'.

Dr Richard Haass was a close advisor to Secretary of State Colin Powell, and senior Middle East advisor to President George W Bush. He served as United States coordinator for policy toward the future of Afghanistan and was the United States envoy to the Northern Ireland peace process.

The House of Lords International Relations Committee's wide-ranging foreign policy inquiry was launched in January 2018 to examine the changing face of international relations and foreign policy, and to assess the UK's strategy and capability to adapt to these changes.

Appearing at 2pm by video link Dr Richard Haass will be asked questions including:

  • To what extent has the disarray and the need to move towards a ‘World Order 2.0', as you argue in your book, been caused by the disruptive impact of new digital technologies?
  • How conventional is President Trump's foreign policy?
  • President Donald Trump has called into question US commitment to specific international organisations such as the UN and NATO, and to multilateralism general. How important a shift in US policy is this? To what extent is it genuine or rhetorical?
  • Surveys have shown that global approval of the US has fallen significantly since Donald Trump became president. What impact will the decline in US soft power have on the world and how should US allies respond?

The session will take place in Committee Room 2 with the witness appearing by video link.

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