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Lords to hear impact of Brexit on access to the Erasmus Programme

On Wednesday 12 December the EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee will ask representatives from the NUS, Association of Colleges and The Russell Group for its views on the UK's future participation in the student exchange programme Erasmus .

Erasmus aims to support EU citizens through studies, training, work experiences, or volunteering abroad. It also aims to help European countries to modernise and improve their education and training systems as well as their youth and sport policies, reinforcing their role as drivers for growth, employment, competitiveness, innovation and social cohesion. The current programme has supported 128,000 UK participants since 2014. The UK is also a popular destination for participants in the programme.

The Government has indicated that it is considering continued association with Erasmus, but the substance and cost of these arrangements are still unclear. The Committee will ask the witnesses how the uncertainty caused by Brexit is affecting current and prospective UK participants in Erasmus.
The evidence session will begin at 10:40a.m. in Committee Room 3 of the House of Lords. The Committee will question:

  • Amatey Doku, Vice President (Higher Education), National Union of Students
  • John Latham, International Projects Manager, Lancaster & Morecambe College, Association of Colleges
  • Gail Armistead, Associate Director of the Office of Global Engagement, University of Nottingham, The Russell Group

Other questions the Committee are likely to ask include:

  • How has Erasmus helped to increase opportunities and improve upward mobility for students from disadvantaged backgrounds?
  • In a ‘no deal' scenario, do you think there is a risk that the Commission will not allow UK participants to continue to take part in Erasmus projects and placements, even with the Government's funding guarantee?
  • The UK is a popular destination for Erasmus students from across the EU. What would be the impact on the EU27 if the UK were no longer part of the programme?
  • Are other member states supportive of the UK participating in the next Erasmus programme?

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