House of Lords Media Notices - December 2018

Lords press Minister for answers on its plans for Carbon Emission Tax in a no-deal Brexit

20 Dec 2018
Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee writes to BEIS Minister Claire Perry MP

Lords to debate the impact of Islamophobia

19 Dec 2018
Lords to debate Islamophobia

Foreign Policy watershed: In or out of the EU Britain faces major changes in

18 Dec 2018
Lords report on the new conditions re-shaping international relations

Coastal Communities Minister to give evidence to Lords Seaside Towns Regen Committee

17 Dec 2018
Lords to hear about the challenges of seaside communities

Lords to ask Public Health England how it can improve health services in rural areas

17 Dec 2018
Lords to hear about health services in rural areas

Foreign and Commonwealth Office and experts to give evidence to Lords nuclear inquiry

17 Dec 2018
Lords to hear about the current state of global nuclear diplomacy

Ministers to face Lords’ questions on intergenerational fairness

14 Dec 2018
Training and reskilling on agenda

Lords to ask senior judges about use of forensic science in the Criminal Justice System

14 Dec 2018
Science and Technology Committee continues inquiry into forensic methods in UK justice system

Lords Seaside Town Regen Committee to visit Scarborough today

13 Dec 2018
Challenges faced by seaside towns on agenda

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