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Policy experts to give evidence on England’s place in the Union

Tuesday 29 June 2021

The House of Lords Constitution Committee will tomorrow quiz experts on where England stands in relation to the Union and how this effects the future governance of the United Kingdom following Brexit.

Giving evidence will be:

  • Professor John Denham, Director, Centre for English Identity and Politics
  • Professor Michael Kenny, Director, Bennett Institute for Public Policy

Questions the committee is likely to ask include:

  • Has England's place within the Union been overlooked and, if so, why?
  • What would be the impact of repealing the EVEL procedures in the House of Commons?
  • Should England's place within the Union be explicitly recognised within the UK Government and Parliament? Would doing so, or not, create any risks to the future of the UK?
  • Are more significant reforms to the UK’s territorial constitution desirable, such as federalism or the proposed Act of Union?
  • Is further devolution to metro mayors / combined authorities necessary?

The session will take place virtually on Wednesday1 July at 11.00am and can be followed on Parliament TV.

Last week the committee heard views from Belfast and Edinburgh on the future of the Union. The session is available to watch online.

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