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Peers to hear views of farmers, food industry and vets on UK-EU trade deal

19 January 2021

Peers will hear the reaction of farming, food industry and veterinary bodies to the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement tomorrow (Wednesday 20 January from 10.00 a.m.).

The House of Lords EU Environment Sub-Committee continues its latest inquiry - Future UK-EU relations: energy, environment and health - by hearing from :

At 10.00 a.m.

  • Nick von Westenholz, Director of International Trade and Business Strategy, National Farmers’ Union
  • Andrew Opie, Director of Food and Sustainability, British Retail Consortium
  • Dominic Goudie, Head of International Trade, Food and Drink Federation

Likely questions and areas for discussion include:

  • What are the implications of the Agreement for UK consumers in terms of healthy eating, choice, affordability and quality?
  • How is the Agreement affecting your processes, and what trade can take place?
  • What impact is the Agreement having on border checks for agri-food products on both sides of the GB-EU border?

At 11.00 a.m.

  • Mandisa Greene, President, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
  • James Russell, President, British Veterinary Association
  • Professor Susan Dawson, Dean, School of Veterinary Science

Likely questions and areas for discussion include:

  • Will the availability of vets be a constraint on the operation of the new arrangements in the UK?
  • What can Government do to ensure vet capacity is not a constraint on the agri-food industry?
  • What can Government do to increase the number of UK-trained vets working in the agri-food industry and support their retention?

The evidence session will be live on Parliament TV.

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