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Brexit and Gibraltar: Lords examine new in-principle agreement with Spain

Monday 18 January 2020

Tomorrow, the House of Lords EU Committee will hear from the Chief Minister of Gibraltar on the in-principle agreement reached between Gibraltar, the UK and Spain on New Year’s Eve.

The Committee will question the Chief Minister on how the in-principle agreement is likely to affect Gibraltar’s relationship with Spain and the EU. The session will also cover how the agreement came about, what the process is for the agreement coming into effect and what the agreement means for Gibraltar’s sovereignty.

The remote evidence session will take place from 4pm on Tuesday 19 January 2021 and can be viewed on


  • Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, Chief Minister of Gibraltar

Questions likely to be asked in the session include:

  • How did the in-principle agreement reached with Spain on New Year’s Eve come about?
  • What are the key principles underpinning the agreement, and Gibraltar’s future relationship with Spain and the EU?
  • What is the timetable and process for giving legal effect to the agreement?
  • What is the basis for Gibraltar, the UK and Spain’s mutual confidence that the agreement is without prejudice to their respective positions on sovereignty and jurisdiction?
  • What are the implications of the agreement to remove all physical barriers between Gibraltar and the Schengen area?
  • How will the proposed bespoke customs union between the EU and Gibraltar operate in practice, and what practical differences will be felt at the border with Spain?
  • What, if any, disruption has there been on the ground since 1 January in terms of the fluidity of the border and cross-border cooperation with Spain, and what bridging arrangements are necessary before the new agreement comes into force?
  • What impact will this agreement have on Gibraltar’s relationship with the UK, in particular in terms of the movement of goods, people and services?

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