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Peers to hear evidence on the UK Internal Market Bill’s affect on devolved administrations

Tuesday 29 September 2020

The House of Lords Constitution Committee will tomorrow question Mick Antoniw MS, a Member of the Welsh Parliament and Chair of its Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee, on the UK Internal Market Bill.

The evidence session is part of the Constitution Committee’s ongoing scrutiny of the Bill, which it believes has serious constitutional implications.

The session will start at 10.30am on Wednesday 30 September 2020.

Questions the Committee is likely to ask Mr Antoniw include:

  • How does the UK Internal Market Bill affect devolved legislative and executive competence, and the functions of the devolved administrations?
  • Is the Bill necessary to support frictionless trade between all parts of the UK?
  • What amendments to the UK Internal Market Bill are necessary to protect the integrity of existing devolution arrangements in the UK?
  • In the event that the Welsh and Scottish Parliaments and the Northern Ireland Assembly do not consent to the UK Internal Market Bill, does the operation of the Sewel/Legislative Consent Convention need to be reconsidered?

The session will take place virtually. Followed on Parliament TV

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