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Lords to press minister on post-Brexit civil justice and family law planning

Friday 11 September 2020

The House of Lords EU Security and Justice Sub-Committee will on Tuesday take evidence from Lord Keen, as it expresses concerns over an already stretched family law system.

Lord Keen will answer questions about the Government’s decision to turn its back on a range of important EU legislation governing civil justice cooperation at the end of December.

The session will cover topics of concern to the Committee, including the loss of the Brussels IIa Regulation, which deals with the regulation of jurisdiction for family law disputes, and the loss of the Maintenance Regulation, which has enabled the enforcement of national child maintenance orders throughout the legal systems of the EU Member States.

The evidence session will be conducted on zoom and can be followed at Parliament TV from 10am, Tuesday 15 September. Giving evidence will be:

Rt Hon. the Lord Keen of Elie QC - Advocate General for Scotland and Spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice in the House of Lords.

Further questions the session will cover include:

  • Why the Government changed its mind and decided not to negotiate replacement civil justice arrangements with the EU 27?
  • Please update the Committee on the UK’s progress towards acceding to the Lugano Convention in its own right?
  • Please update the Committee on the Government’s plans for preparing the UK’s family law system for such a major change?
  • What is your advice to advice to parents whose children are taken against their will to EU 27 states?
  • What are the steps taken by the Government to help parents mitigate the loss of this important EU legislation?

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