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What have been the main challenges faced by the UK in delivering training and support to the Afghan forces? Lords Committee to hear from former Commander of the British Forces in Afghanistan

Tuesday 3 November 2020

The House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee will tomorrow question Sandhurst lecturers about the UK’s contributions to and challenges faced in training and mentoring the Afghan National Security Forces.

Giving evidence in a virtual session from 10am on Wednesday 2 November 2020 will be:


  • Brigadier (Retired) Ian Thomas OBE, former Commander of Operation Toral, Dean of Academic Studies, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and;
  • Dr Edward R Flint, Head of Department, Defence & International Affairs Department, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

The session can be followed on Parliament TV. Questions will include;

  • What are the main elements of NATO’s Resolute Support Mission’s training for the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF)? How effective has this mission been?
  • Could you please give us an overview of Operation Toral, and the role played by the British military in the Resolute Support Mission? What have been the principal contributions made by the UK?
  • What have been the most challenging aspects of delivering training and support to the ANSF through Operation Toral? How have these been addressed by the UK and with NATO partners?

The UK

  • What lessons has the UK military learned from the experience of training the ANSF, and how have these been integrated into Operation Toral, and lessons learned exercises for other missions?

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