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What are the benefits of a UK-New Zealand trade deal? Lords to ask High Commissioner

Monday 16 November 2020

On Wednesday, the House of Lords International Agreements Sub-Committee will hear from the New Zealand High Commissioner on UK-NZ trade talks. The session will examine the potential benefits to the UK of a trade deal with New Zealand; including how a deal could help drive key policy areas, from women’s economic empowerment to tackling climate change.

In the session, the Committee will explore New Zealand’s main priorities for trade policy and how they may align with the UK’s approach, asking questions on digitalisation, tariffs for agricultural products, sustainability and the environment, and trade in services. New Zealand is one of the founding members of the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement and the Friends of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform group.

This evidence session will be conducted on Zoom and can be followed at from 4pm on Wednesday 18th November.

Giving evidence will be:

  • Mr Bede Corry, High Commissioner of New Zealand to the UK
  • Mr David Evans, Deputy High Commissioner of New Zealand to the UK
  • Mr Chris Kebbel, Counsellor (Primary Industries)
  • Mr Deighton Conder, First Secretary (Trade and Economics)

Questions the Committee are likely to ask include:

  • How does New Zealand develop and pursue its trade policy, in particular the Trade For All agenda?
  • What do you think the benefits will be for the UK in entering into a trade agreement with New Zealand?
  • How do you think the UK and New Zealand can, through an FTA, help drive forward key policy areas, such as women’s economic empowerment and tackling climate change?
  • What approach does New Zealand take generally towards digitalisation, and how does that inform New Zealand’s trade policy?
  • Following Brexit, the EU and the UK have agreed to split their TRQs for New Zealand imports. How does New Zealand view this change?
  • How do you think the UK and New Zealand can go about ‘future-proofing’ this trade agreement so that it continues to support innovative businesses in both countries?
  • What do you think might be achieved in the areas of intellectual property and support for the creative industries?
  • What do you think are some of the key areas that would benefit both countries in terms of trade in services?
  • Do you think concluding these bilateral talks is a prerequisite for UK accession to CPTPP? And what do you think the UK stand to gain from joining that larger partnership?

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