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New inquiry on facilitating future UK-EU trade in goods launched by Lords EU Committee

House of Lords EU Goods Sub-Committee today invites written contributions to its new inquiry into non-tariff barriers that could affect future UK-EU trade in manufactured goods and how these could be addressed in the future economic relationship.

The topics the Committee is seeking evidence on include:

  • The key non-tariff barriers that could affect future UK-EU trade in goods and their impact on UK businesses.
  • The most important technical barriers to UK trade with the EU and how these could be addressed.
  • The form of regulatory cooperation that might be needed between the UK and EU, including with EU agencies.
  • How the UK and EU could minimise the costs and disruption associated with any testing and compliance processes that will be required, including conformity assessments.
  • The arrangements needed on rules of origin between the UK and the EU.
  • How customs processes and documentation requirements could be simplified to support UK-EU trade, and the role new technology could play.
  • How existing customs facilitations could be improved, such as trusted trader schemes, particularly for the benefit of small and newly-established businesses.
  • What impact the absence of a UK-EU trade agreement at the end of the transition period would have on UK businesses.

The Committee invites interested individuals and organisations to submit written evidence to this inquiry by 28 June 2020.

Read the full call for evidence and find out how to submit evidence.

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