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Environment Secretary to give evidence on fisheries negotiations to the Lords EU Committee

On Wednesday 4 March 2020 the House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee will take evidence from the Environment Secretary George Eustice on the forthcoming fisheries negotiations with the EU.

This evidence session, which will start at 10am, is part of the Committee's inquiry on access to UK fisheries. Likely topics of discussion include:

  • What outcome the Government wants from the negotiations
  • Whether access to UK waters be reduced or altered for EU fleets
  • Whether the UK will apply new working conditions, such as remote electronic monitoring, to EU fleets
  • How fishing quotas will be negotiated
  • How the interests of the devolved nations will be met.

This evidence session, which is open to the public, will take place at 10am on Wednesday 4 March 2020 in Committee Room 3 of the House of Lords.

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