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Peers call for evidence into impact of COVID-19 on courts

The House of Lords Constitution Committee is seeking views on the workings of courts and tribunals in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and what the future of the justice system might look like as a result.

The committee is conducting an inquiry into the constitutional implications of Covid-19, exploring the impact of the pandemic and the Government's response to it in relation to the operation of the courts and tribunals.

Some of the questions the committee would welcome views on include:

  • How effective are virtual court and tribunal proceedings?
  • What is the impact of virtual proceedings on: litigants, lawyers,  judges, court staff, media and the public?
  • Should virtual court proceedings continue after the end of social distancing? If so, for what types of proceedings? How might they be used to extend, rather than just maintain, access to justice?
  • Is there a case for changing the number of jurors required for trials to ensure that cases progress and social distancing can be maintained?
  • What types of case are proceeding, both physically and virtually, during lockdown?
  • What types of case are not making progress and what are the implications of that?

For more information go to the Call for Evidence.

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