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Lords committee to hold first evidence session on UK-US trade in agriculture and food

The House of Lords International Agreements Sub-Committee will this week hold its first evidence session as part of its inquiry into UK-US trade negotiations.

The committee will hear from industry experts, as it takes evidence on the impact of a possible future trade deal between the UK and US on agri-food.

The evidence session will be conducted on zoom and can be followed at Parliament TV from 3pm on Wednesday 1 July.
Giving evidence will be:

  • Nick von Westenholz, Director of EU Exit and International Trade, National Farmers' Union
  • Elsa Fairbanks, Director, Food and Drink Exporters' Association
  • Michael Haverty, Partner and Senior Research Consultant, The Andersons Centre

Questions will include:

  • What are the key areas where your members or clients are most concerned about the outcome of a UK-US deal, and where they are most optimistic about the possible outcome?
  • In what areas do you think there is most risk for your clients/members if the US succeeds in gaining significant tariff reductions from the UK Global Tariff rates?
  • What is your assessment of the scope of opportunities for exporters here, either through the US lowering its tariffs or through removing non-tariff barriers?
  • The US has stated in their negotiating objectives that they seek to promote greater regulatory compatibility in agriculture. What might this look like in practice?
  • What do you think the Government's approach to genetically modified foods should be?
  • The US objectives also include preventing “improper use” of the UK system for protecting geographical indications. What sort of things do you think might be captured – in the US view or ours – by the term “improper use”?
  • Looking more broadly, do you think that the UK has a satisfactory long-term strategy for how it will handle international trade in agricultural and food products?

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