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Minister to be quizzed on progress of trade talks by Lords

The House of Lords International Agreements Sub-Committee will hear from Liz Truss on the progress of ongoing trade negotiations, including between the UK-US, and UK-Japan

The committee will question the Secretary of State on topics including the limited time allowed for effective treaty scrutiny, the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership, conflicting demands of multiple trade talks and specifics over what trade deals with the US or with Japan could involve.
The evidence session will be conducted on zoom and can be followed at from 3pm on Thursday 23 July.
Giving evidence will be:

  • Rt Hon. Liz Truss MP, Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade

Questions will include:

  • What consideration is the Government giving to the recent Committee report finding that under CRAG there is insufficient time for Parliamentary scrutiny?
  • How much is potential membership of the CPTPP driving the UK's setting of objectives for talks?
  • What are the benefits of pursuing these talks in parallel and can conflicting demands be resolved?
  • Are we required to choose between close relations with the US and close relations with China in our pursuit of an agreement with the US?
  • How do you assess the relative risks and benefits to UK farmers of what the US is asking for in trade negotiations?
  • In what areas do you think there How might the priorities for the US change if President Trump doesn't gain a second term?
  • How have climate and environmental issues have been covered so far in the discussions with the US?
  •  Is the Government happy to accept binding commitments in an FTA that might limit future regulatory sovereignty?
  • What talks have you been having with the devolved administrations about how to ensure that their views are reflected in the UK's trade objectives?
  • What areas are being prioritised and what are the trade-offs in the negotiations with Japan?
  • What is the Government doing to ensure there is no disruption to UK automotive trade during negotiations with Japan? 

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