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Call for evidence launched on national risk assessment and risk planning

Monday 7 December 2020

The House of Lords Risk Assessment and Risk Planning Committee today invites written contributions to its inquiry into risk assessment and risk planning in the context of disruptive national hazards.  

In particular, the Committee wishes to examine how to ensure that the UK is as resilient to extreme risks and emergencies as possible.   

The topics the Committee is seeking evidence on include: 

  • What are the most significant extreme risks that the UK faces? Are these kinds of risks discrete, linked or systemic?   
  • Are there types of risks for which the UK is particularly vulnerable to or for which it is poorly prepared?  
  • How could the Government’s approach to risk assessment be strengthened to ensure that it is rigorous, wide-ranging and consistent?   
  • What risks does the inclusion criteria for the National Security Risk Assessment exclude and what effect does this have on long-term resilience?   
  • What is the role of the individual in relation to national crises? Are there potential benefits in increasing public involvement and transparency in emergency planning? 
  • What lessons have been learnt or should have been learnt about the approach taken to risk assessment and risk planning in this country from the COVID-19 pandemic?  
  • What could be changed to increase the capability of local responders to effectively plan for and respond to emergencies? 
  • What can be learnt from either local or corporate risk management processes or those used by other countries? 
  • What individual or economic behaviours would strengthen national resilience against hazards, and what mechanisms are open to the Government or society to incentivise these behaviours?  

The Committee invites interested individuals and organisations to submit written evidence by 28 January 2020

You can read the full call for evidence and follow the progress of the inquiry on the Committee's website.  

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