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The UK and the Pacific Alliance: Lords to meet with Latin American ambassadors

The House of Lords International Relations Committee will hold a roundtable event with ambassadors from Chile, Colombia, Peru and the Mexican chargé d'affaires on Wednesday 22 May, to discuss the Pacific Alliance.

The Committee is holding several evidence sessions exploring the role and effectiveness of the Pacific Alliance, and the UK's engagement with it. The Committee will produce a short report on the UK and the Pacific Alliance, following these sessions. 

The Pacific Alliance is a Latin American economic grouping, formed by Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, which all border the Pacific Ocean. These countries have come together to form an area of integration with the purpose of ensuring complete freedom in the movement of goods, services, capital, and people. The UK is an observer to the Pacific Alliance.

The roundtable event will begin at 10am in Committee Room 4a. Speakers will be: 

  • His Excellency Mr David Gallagher, Ambassador of Chile to the United Kingdom 
  • His Excellency Mr Antonio José Ardila, Ambassador of Colombia to the United Kingdom 
  • His Excellency Mr Juan Carlos Gamarra, Ambassador of Peru to the United Kingdom 
  • Minister Anibal Gomez, Chargé d' Affaires a.i. of Mexico to the United Kingdom

This will be followed by discussion and questions.

The roundtable discussion is likely to include consideration of:

  • Why the Pacific Alliance was established, and the group's successes;
  • The UK's engagement with Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru and what strengths the UK brings to its relationships in the region;
  • China's engagement with Central and South America, and how the countries of the region and the Pacific Alliance are responding.

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