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Lords launch new inquiry into Science Research Funding in Universities

The House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee has today launched a new inquiry to assess the impact of potential changes in funding on the ability of UK universities to conduct high-quality scientific research.

Questions the Committee are likely to cover include:

  • What proportion of England and Wales' overall science research is done in universities? How much of that is funded directly by universities?
  • Has the establishment of UKRI affected the way in which universities apply for funding for research? Have the changes been beneficial?
  • The Government have committed to a target of 2.4% of GDP to be invested in research and development by 2027. What will be the balance between investment in research-active universities and industry? What are the expected changes to research funding in universities?
  • Would the reduction or abolition of tuition fees impact funding in such a way as to affect the ability of universities to conduct high-quality scientific research?
  • If Brexit led to a reduction in EU students studying in England and Wales, would that affect science research capabilities in universities?

The Committee will begin taking evidence on 21 May.

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