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What is the future of traditional TV in an on-demand world?

On Tuesday 19 March 2019 the House of Lords Communications Committee will take evidence from Claire Enders, Founder of Enders Analysis and a leading analyst of the media industry, to commence its new inquiry investigating the future for public service broadcasting in the context of the rising popularity of video on demand services.

This evidence session will begin at 3.30pm in Committee Room 2 of the House of Lords. Topics likely to be covered in the session include:

  • The rising popularity of on-demand content and the impact on broadcast TV
  • The benefit of public service broadcasting
  • How the production of UK content could be encouraged
  • The response of public service broadcasters to demand for on-demand content
  • Whether the obligations on public service broadcasters, such as in the content they show and the way they commission it, should be revised.

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