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Is the internet undermining the TV advertising market?

On Tuesday 23 April, the House of Lords Communications Committee will hold two evidence sessions for its inquiry into public service broadcasting in the age of video on demand.

In the first session the Committee will ask the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) about the future of the advertising market and the prospects for commercial public service broadcasters. The evidence session will begin at 3:30pm in Committee Room 2 of the House of Lords and the Committee will question:

  • Mr Phil Smith, Director General, ISBA
  • Ms Bobi Carley, Head of TV and Video, ISBA

Questions likely to be asked include:

  • Whether linear TV advertising is becoming less attractive as audience numbers and reach decline
  • The effect of the decline in the number of under-35s watching linear TV
  • Restrictions placed on advertising in on-demand services
  • Personalised advertising.

In the second session, the Committee will ask industry analysts how public service broadcasters can remain viable in the face of competition from services such as Netflix and what regulatory changes might be necessary.

  • Dr Cento Veljanovski, Founder and Managing Partner, Case Associates
  • Mr Mark Oliver, Chairman and Co-Founder, Oliver and Ohlbaum Associates

Questions likely to be asked include:

  • The definition of public service broadcasting
  • Whether the BBC should try to compete with high-budget programmes on services such as Netflix
  • The financial sustainability of commercial public service broadcasting
  • Contestable funding for commercial public service broadcasters

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