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UK policy on Middle East – what are the long-term plans for Iraq?

On Wednesday 2 November the House of Lords Committee on International Relations will continue its investigation in UK policy on the Middle East, quizzing a senior representative from the FCO on issues such as Iraq's future, the nuclear deal in Iran, and the UK's Gulf Strategy.

The Lords inquiry is looking at economic, political and social trends in the region and examining how UK Government policy needs to adapt to these trends.

At 10.30am the Committee will hear from Mr Neil Crompton, Director, Middle East and North Africa, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Specifically, questions the Committee will ask Mr Crompton on Wednesday could include:

  • How has UK policy in the Middle East changed following the Arab Spring?
  • Can you provide an update on the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal?
  • When does the Government intend to publish its Gulf Strategy?
  • What is the plan for the economic and political reconstruction of Mosul, and other territory currently occupied by Daesh/ISIL, once recovered?
  • How should UK, and western, policy distinguish between sub-state actors in the region and calibrate its engagement accordingly?
  • How is the FCO seeking to improve the frontline experience and Arab language skills of its Middle East staff?

The session will start at 10:30am on Wednesday 2 November, and be held in Committee Room 3A of the House of Lords.

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