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Should schools do more to teach internet safety?

The House of Lords Communications Committee will look at the role of schools as part of its inquiry into children and the internet, tomorrow, Tuesday 18 October.

The Committee will hear from Mr Karl Hopwood, a former primary school headmaster who now advises schools on e-safety, and Mrs Mary McHale, who teaches at St. Peter's School in Solihull.

The Committee's investigation is looking into the risks and dangers presented to children by the internet, as well as the benefits, and also online governance and regulation.

Witnesses giving evidence, at 4.30pm, are Mrs Mary McHale, teacher and member of the e-safety committee at St. Peter's School in Solihull, and Mr Karl Hopwood, consultant at esafety Ltd.

Questions which the Committee will ask across both sessions could include:

  •  Should schools be responsible for teaching technological literacy?
  •   Should digital citizenship be considered as a compulsory part of PSHE?
  • What training do teachers need?
  • Are there any issues relating to funding of digital and technological literacy?
  • What issues do schools encounter in raising awareness of online dangers and responsibilities?

The Committee will hold its evidence sessions at 4.30pm on Tuesday 18 October in the House of Lords Committee Room 2.

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