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Lords to investigate impact of Brexit on UK's trade in services with the EU

The House of Lords EU Internal Market Sub-Committee launches a new inquiry this week looking at the implications of Brexit for the UK's trade in services with the EU.

The Committee will be taking evidence from key service sectors, such as professional business services, aviation and telecommunications. It will do this to determine the implications of the different levels of market access the UK might negotiate with the EU.

The inquiry aims to influence the Government's position on Brexit negotiations by developing a strategic overview of the relative importance of different sectors and identifying clear priorities in each sector.

On Thursday 20 October 2016 the Committee will hear from:

At 10.10am:

  • Dr Angus Armstrong, Director of Macroeconomics, National Institute of Economic and Social Research
  • Professor Catherine Barnard, Professor of EU Law, Cambridge University
  • Professor Holger Breinlich, Professor of Global Economics, Nottingham University.

At 11:10am:

  • Dr Jo Twist, Chief Executive Officer, Association for UK Interactive Entertainment
  • Matthew Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Broadband Stakeholder Group
  • Antony Walker, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, techUK.

Questions which the witnesses are likely to face include:

  • What does the UK trade in services with the EU and European Economic Area (EEA). Which sectors are most significant and why?
  • What kind of Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) can affect trade? Which measures are more prominent in specific sectors or modes of supply?
  • How would alternative trade policy frameworks, such as the World Trade Organisation, European Economic Area, Free Trade Areas, impact the UK's trade in services with both the EU and third countries?
  • How will Brexit affect the digital and telecommunication sectors?
  • To what extent can curbs on free movement of people combined with a reformed visa system deliver the same or better results than the present arrangements?

The House of Lords EU Committee and its six Sub-Committees are conducting a coordinated series of short inquiries looking at the key issues that will arise in the forthcoming negotiations on Brexit. Taken as a whole, this programme of work will be the most extensive and thorough parliamentary scrutiny of Brexit.

These evidence sessions will take place at 10.10am on Thursday 20 October 2016 in Committee Room 1 of the House of Lords.

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