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Lords quiz mobile and internet companies on safety controls

The House of Lords Communications Committee will tomorrow, Tuesday 25 October, look at the role that internet service providers (ISPs) play in safeguarding children on the internet.

The Committee will hear from telecoms companies Sky and Vodafone.

The Committee's investigation is looking into the risks and dangers presented to children by the internet, as well as the benefits, and also online governance and regulation.

Witnesses giving evidence, at 4.15pm, are Adam Kinsley, Director of Policy at Sky, and Paul Morris, Head of Government Affairs and Sustainability at Vodafone.

Questions they are likely to face include:

  • What is the role of an ISP in regards to keeping children safe online?
  • Do you agree with self-regulation within the industry as the best approach?
  • How effective are filters?
  • Should internet filters be set to on by default?
  • How do you respond to criticisms of the system for changing the filters?
  • Could online platforms such as Google be doing more?
  • What do you do in terms of collecting data?
  • How do you guard against children's data being irresponsibly handled?

The Committee will hold its evidence sessions at 4.15pm on Tuesday 25 October in the House of Lords Committee Room 2.


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