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Frank Field, David Willetts and Steve Webb among stellar cast of witnesses to give evidence on NHS funding

The House of Lords Committee on the Long-Term Sustainability of the NHS will next week hold evidence sessions on public attitudes to funding the NHS and innovative funding models for delivering health care.

The evidence sessions will start at 11:00am on Tuesday 25 October in Committee Room 1 of the House of Lords. Giving evidence will be:

11:00am – on public attitudes to the NHS and the funding of health care:

  • The Rt Hon Frank Field MP
  • Ben Page, Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI
  • Emma Norris, Programme Director, Institute for Government

12 noon – on models of funding health and social care:

  • The Rt Hon the Lord Willetts, Chair of the Resolution Foundation
  • The Rt Hon Steve Webb, Director of Policy, Royal London
  • James Lloyd, Associate Fellow at the Strategic Society Centre
  • Tom Kibasi, Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research

In the first session areas the witnesses will be questioned on include public attitudes to the NHS and how these might have shifted over time, how far public support for increased NHS funding is matched by a willingness pay for that funding and which method of raising additional funding (increased direct taxation, dedicated National Insurance increases etc.) might be the most popular. The witnesses will also be asked how the Government can engage the public more effectively in decision making on future changes to health and social care funding.

The second session will look at options for innovation in the way health and social care is funded, lessons that can be learnt from the recent pension reforms and how intergenerational fairness in health and social care funding could be achieved.

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