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BBC and Ofcom give evidence to Lords inquiry on children and the internet

The House of Lords Communications Committee will next week, Tuesday 1 November, quiz the Director of Children's at the BBC about issues of safeguarding children and online safety.

The Committee will also hear from senior staff at Ofcom, as part of its ongoing inquiry into children and the internet. The Committee's investigation is looking into the risks and dangers presented to children by the internet, as well as the benefits, and also online governance and regulation.

At 3:30pm the Committee will hear from Ms Alice Webb, Director, BBC Children's and BBC North, at the BBC. Questions she is likely to face include:

  • What role can the BBC play in online safety?
  • How does the BBC develop apps for children?
  • Is there enough general understanding by parents about safe internet use?
  • How can critical awareness amongst children be improved?

Then at 4:30pm the Committee will put questions to Ofcom representatives, Mr Tony Close, Director of Content Standards, Licensing and Enforcement, and Ms Lindsey Fussell, Consumer Group Director. They are likely to be asked question such as:

  • What particular difficulties do you face in regulating video on demand services?
  • Should the ISPs take-up of filtering be monitored? How practical would that be?
  • Does your research offer an insight into the best age limit for social media accounts?

The Committee will hold its evidence session at 3.30pm on Tuesday 1 November in the House of Lords Committee Room 2.

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